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What's OTOTO-Senbei

The Seto Inland Sea region, blessed with rich nature, has always been known for its abundant products from both the sea and the rich soil.
Starting in the Taisho-era (1910-1925), people have been adding locally caught whole small fish and shrimp taken to rice crackers.
Ototo-senbei keep traditions alive by making our senbei in the traditional manner.

Immediately after purchasing fish directly from the fish market, we gently clean fish one by one, and bake the crackers by hand. These thin and fragile crackers break easily, allowing you to effortlessly savor the rich flavors.

The brown areas immediately around the shrimp on the crackers have the strongest favor from the shrimp juice dissolved when baked.
Please enjoy both the crackers' beautiful appearance along with their excellent taste with the green grass fragrance.

No preservatives added. Please enjoy them as soon as possible.


* Recently less and less seafood has been caught by fishermen due to higher sea water temperatures, a fishing labor shortage, etc.
We also use some small fish from outside of Seto Inland Sea region, such as Japanese pond smelt from Hokkaido, Shiga or sweet fish from Wakayama and so on.
Please note that we only use our own frozen shrimp when no shrimp is caught.
We also split shrimp into halves when the shrimp is too big.