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Q.Cracker Size

A.Big crackers are about 11cm×16cm, small crackers are 8cm×12cm

Q.Box Weight and Size

A.Length, width, height and weight are as follows.
Assorted package(い)    23cm*17cm*5.5cm、about 190g
Assorted package(ろ)    31cm*23cm*5cm、about 340g
Assorted package(は)    29cm*21cm*6cm、about 450g
Assorted package(に)    31cm*29cm*6.5cm、about 630g
Assorted package(ほ)    31cm*29cm*8cm、about 720g

Q.Can I choose the kind of fish?

A.Sorry. there is no choice for this item.

Q.How long do the crackers last?

A.The crackers are good for 70 days after being manufactured.
Each cracker is in a separate bag with desiccant, but no preservatives are added, so please enjoy it while it is fresh.

Q.The kinds of fish in the crackers are different from the ones I ordered around the same season previous year.

A.Although we use seasonal fish, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to offer exactly the same fish every time depending on the amount of the catch.

Q.The crackers were cracked or broken when they arrived. Can I have the package replaced?

A.We are sorry that we cannot replace them.
Since the cracker is very thin, on rare occasion it cracks along the edge of the fish.
Both our company and the delivery company take great care in our delivery methods. However, it might not be noticed that the package was accidentally jarred. We humbly ask you to please understand this.

Q.Can I make a reservation?

A.You can make a reservation.
Our products are affected by the season or the amount of catch, so please order early enough for a big amount of orders such as Summer gifts or End year gifts.